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5 Minute Daf

Invigorate your day with a page of Talmud! Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld provides commentary and insight into today's Daf. Click below to listen to an exciting 5 minute podcast on the Daf Yomi each day.

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What People are Saying About 5 Minute Daf (Customer Reviews from iTunes):

"Once again Rabbi Shmuel demonstrates his ability to make Torah and serving Hashem fun and accessible... This podcast makes Torah learning so easy... To be able to incorporate Torah learning into my daily life by just pushing a button and listening for 5-6 minutes is so easy."

"This podcast, the latest of Rabbi Herzfeld’s forays into blending orthodoxy and modernity, is the most incredible way to begin my day... I listen to a number of podcasts of different types - comedy, news, policy - but had never found a Torah or Judaism-focused podcast that worked for me. Having a daily dose of daf has helped me remember to say brachot, wash my hands in the morning, and stay focused on Torah in general."

Sun, January 21 2018 5 Shevat 5778