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What are AlefBlessed Cards?

AlefBlessed cards are a fun and meaningful way to connect to a very special moment in our history. Every year on Yom Kippur, the Kohen Gadol (High Priest) would recite a prayer asking for Hashem to bestow blessings upon the world. This prayer consisted of a different blessing for each letter of the Alef Bet. Today we recite this prayer as part of our prayers on Yom Kippur. 

Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld loved this prayer so much that he asked Brian Ash, to take the words of this prayer and turn them into playing cards that children can both play with and also give to their friends as a symbolic blessing. 

Brian then worked with the artist, Yehudi Mercado, to create AlefBlessed cards. 

AlefBlessed cards contain custom characters for each blessing on the front of the card, and on the back of the card, several textual sources related to that specific blessing. In addition, each card contains an interesting fact about the Kohen Gadol. Special thanks to Bezalel Jacobs for identifying some of the texts that appear on the back of the card. 

Not only are AlefBlessed cards fun to collect, but there's also a game!

How do you play?

Each package contains 7 cards and an instruction card. Each player starts with a hand of 5 cards from their own deck (keep track of your cards, you’ll take them back at the end of the game!). Each card has a point value. Each game is five rounds. At the count of three both players place down their blessing card. Rock, paper, scissors rules. Red beats Blue. Blue beats Gold. Gold beats Red. Kohen Gadol wild cards trump all colors. Winner moves the cards to their keep. If both players play the same color, then the cards remain on the field until the next round. At the end of five rounds, each player adds up the number of points of their cards. The player with the most points wins! If a player “shoots the moon” by losing all five rounds, they win the whole game. The winner gets to trade their opponent for a card of the winner’s choice. 

Wed, November 30 2022 6 Kislev 5783