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Camp Kibbutz on ZOOM FAQ

Is my child old enough to come to Camp Kibbutz on ZOOM? 
​To ensure that we are able to accommodate all camper's needs, all campers must be 5 years old by September 1, 2020.

How many children will be in any class?
We are planning for a cap of ten children per class, which will yield us a ratio of 5:1 for camper supervision. While we are planning to offer the full roster of classes published, we will only run class if it meets a required minimum number of participants. If enrollment for a class is lower than necessary, we will likely combine that class with another offering at that time of day. We will contact you in case your child would be affected by a switch of this nature.

Will there be any in-person programming? What if I don't feel comfortable joining it?
We will be closely monitoring the Covid-19 situation as it develops in DC and Montgomery County. There may be the possibility that we can plan for some outdoor "field trips" or even trips to a neighborhood pool! You will receive plenty of notice if we embark on planning these activities. We might even ask if anyone has a lawn/backyard that they would be willing to offer up. We are not promising this programming will exist, as it will require a lot of safety and liability preparation. If we do offer this programming, it will be completely optional. If you choose not to participate, we will plan for alternate virtual programming during that same time period. Your children's safety and comfort is our first priority. Please let us know any ideas, hesitations, or questions you have.

How are the campers divided up? Will my kids be able to be in the same class even if they are different ages?
Campers will be slotted for classes based on the following age groups: Rising K-2nd grade, rising 3rd-5th grade, and rising 6-8th grade. If you have siblings who would fall into different aged class brackets but want to be in the same class, contact us and we will see if we can accommodate, based on numbers and the class's content.

What’s special about CITs (counselors-in-training)?
As a part of regular camp activities, CITs (entering grades 6, 7 and 8) will engage in several leadership training activities to learn the skills necessary to become well-rounded counselors. They will also be offered more mature class content as a part of their journey to becoming leaders..

What if I want to be a counselor at Camp Kibbutz?
We are seeking counselors, entering grade 9 & up, to join our team. Counselors are eligible for compensation or community service hours. Interested teens must be responsible, enjoy working with children, and eager to lead. Applications are available at or by contacting

How do I request a scholarship or payment plan?
It is our goal to make Camp Kibbutz accessible to everyone. If you are in need of financial assistance, please contact Tyler Herman, Camp Director, at To establish a payment plan instead, please contact Executive Director Monica Wolfe at (202) 882-7225, extension 103 or at

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