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Congregational Melodies

The High Holidays are a special time of year for many, filled with inspiration, spirituality, and excitement as we approach new beginnings. One of the ways that many people connect is through music and communal singing. However, many of the melodies and prayers on the High Holy Days are different than on a normal Shabbat or Festival. In order to help you prepare spiritually for the High Holidays, we have provided a number of the commonly used melodies at Ohev Sholom below.  Note that a melody may be adapted to different words, so it is suggested you focus on the melody and not necessarily the words. We hope that you will listen in advance of the holidays to help prepare yourself spiritually.

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Melodies used on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur




Bobov Niggun



Ein Kitzvah






Haaderet Viha'emuna






Niggun Batya 



Oseh Shalom



Rav Klein's Niggun









Shiru Lamelech



Simcha Leartzecha






Vechol Maaminim


Melodies used on Rosh Hashanah

La'adei Ad Yimloch



Melodies used on Yom Kippur

Horeim Mah Sheyomeru



Ki Hinei Hachomer 



Mareh Kohen



Shuva Hashem





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