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Camp Kibbutz Counselor Application 2020

Thank you for your interest in joining the amazing Camp Kibbutz staff for Summer 2020! Please check out our Summer 2020 offerings ( then complete this application. Please note that application does not guarantee a summer position and we will follow up with an interview (phone, video, or in person). 

Camp Kibbutz at Ohev Sholom - The National Synagogue (located on 16th Street in DC, 1/2 mile from the Silver Spring border) is looking for teens, ages 14 and up (entering 9th grade and above), to serve as counselors and/or specialists for our 2020 summer experiences. To learn more about our camp, visit

Counselors have the option of receiving monetary compensation (based on age/experience) or earning community service hours. For more information, contact Camp Kibbutz at





Counselors are needed to provide additional babysitting after regular day camp hours for those kids whose parents work full-time. Counselors can earn additional hourly compensation for staffing after-care (3:30-6:00 pm) for our campers.




A reference is a person who can vouch for your qualifications and skills for this job, typically a former employer, a teacher, rabbi, youth group leader, etc. This person should not be a family member or close friend. We may contact this person to find out if you would be a good fit to work at Camp Kibbutz.

Please include full name, how you know this person and contact information

Please include full name, how you know this person and contact information


By applying to work at Camp Kibbutz, you are agreeing to abide by the following rules and responsibilities. 

As a counselor, you are the most important ingredient for a successful summer. Your major responsibility is to supervise a group of campers and to provide a safe, fun, and exciting camp experience.

Your duties as a camp counselor must be taken extremely seriously. As a counselor, your job involves listening, sharing, guiding, and advising campers, and helping them to adjust to new situations, giving encouragement, and caring about each camper as an individual.

This leadership opportunity will encourage growth in your life skills, allow you to demonstrate initiative, and increase your leadership as well as communication skills. Responsibilities include:

  1. Required participation in all camp activities (day camp hours are 8:30-3:30 pm) including camp overnights and field trips.
  2. Attend mandatory weekly staff meetings one morning a week.
  3. Provide leadership and guidance for a group of eight to twelve campers
  4. Engage kids in fun day-to-day programs and activities at camp 
  5. Demonstrate emotional maturity and stability; must be self confident and able to accept constructive criticism
  6. Know each camper by name 
  7. Show that safety is always important, especially at free swim and on field trips
  8. Keep camp supplies and equipment in good shape, including putting them away when finished with a project
  9. Set the tone and be an example for campers by actively and enthusiastically participating in all camp activities, abiding by all camp rules and regulation, and ensuring that all camper are treated equally and fairly and are involved in all camp activities.
  10. Observe camper behavior, assess its appropriateness, enforce appropriate safety regulations and emergency procedures, and apply appropriate behavior management techniques
  11. Compassionately and thoughtfully resolve camper conflicts
  12. Work collaboratively with co-counselors and fellow camp staff to ensure that camp runs safely and smoothly 
  13. Act as a positive and appropriate role model for fellow staff and campers
  14. No drinking, smoking, or drugs at any time
  15. Support the goals and spirit of Camp Kibbutz
  16. Optional participation in after-care hours, for additional hourly rate during Day Camp

If hired to be a counselor at Camp Kibbutz, I agree to abide by the above rules and regulations at all times. If I cannot fulfill the terms of this agreement, the director has the right to terminate my participation in Camp Kibbutz.

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