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High Holiday Appeal 5778

September 7, 2017

Dear Fellow Ohev Congregants,

I am writing to you as the newly-minted chair of the 2017 High Holiday Appeal. Three years ago, when my family moved to this community, we took a leap of faith. Although we were fine where we were, we believed then, as we still do, that there was more we could give to the things and people we cared about and more we would get if we allowed ourselves. We left because we were searching for hiddur – something beyond the minimally acceptable, and we have gained because of it.

We were struck by the warmth of the Ohev community – by the immediate invitations for meals. We were also struck by the depth and diversity of the people who reached out – they were not only those who thought we were similar to them in age and children and lifestyle, but also those significantly older and younger and different from us in religious observance, political views and economic circumstance. Most of all, we did not feel like a burden – by allowing others to welcome us, to give us advice and sustenance, we were giving too. When you give or do more – beyond the minimum that assuages your guilt or fulfills a commandment, you engage in hiddur mitzvah. Our reception here was our invitation to strive to not just “observe” our Judaism but to push ourselves to learn more, find the extra expression of joy within our observance and do more.

We live in a community that works hard to meet the varied needs of halachic observance, but one that also strives to find joy and beauty and bounty in our observance. This year, I invite you to join Ohev’s High Holiday Appeal to expand the concept of hiddur mitzvah to every aspect of our community. We should be proud of the hiddur we have been able to imbue our learning, davening, ritual observance and programming, but we can and should do more.

Our campaign theme of hiddur mitzvah challenges each of us to welcome in the New Year with aspirations of being better. Hiddur mitzvah takes many forms, one of which is financial support of our shul. Ohev needs money to continue to serve our religious needs and to conduct the wealth of programs that give opportunity for hiddur. We are hoping to raise $300,000 and have a long way to go. But in this critical time of the Jewish calendar, we also are asking you to give of yourself in the same generous fashion. Find those areas in which you have passion and ability. Find the mitzvah that you can do a little more joyfully or a little more deeply. We all stand to benefit in so many ways.

Shanah Tovah,
Shari Kleiner
High Holiday Appeal Chair

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Mon, July 16 2018 4 Av 5778