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What an exciting time to mark the start of a new year for our Ohev community.  See below for a comprehensive guide on all aspects of the High Holiday experience at Ohev, including opportunities to sign-up for tickets, children's programming, volunteering, babysitting, placing notes in a Yizkor book, and ordering lulav + etrog sets.  You'll also note an opportunity for all to start the new year with an added gift to our High Holiday campaign.


** Please remember to hit the Submit button once you enter information for each section **

Readings & Laws and Customs for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur   by  Rabbi   Wolkenfeld   and   Rabbanit Sara Wolkenfeld

Congregational Melodies for the High Holidays

Please click here to listen to high holiday melodies that we plan to use:

High Holiday Bulletin 5784/2023 

To see the High Holidays bulletin Please click here



High Holiday Yizkor Book Message

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High Holiday Camp Shana Tova (Youth Programming)

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High Holiday Seat Reservations

Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur Seat Reservations must be submitted by September 13th 
Contact Information

All members have High Holiday tickets (these are virtual, not physical tickets) included with their membership for all adults and children in their household. This year we ask members to consider making the suggested addition donation to cover the holidays expenses. You can choose to make a flat donation of your choice below or can select the suggested $100 donation per seat chosen for each day.

For guests of members, non-members and Associate members the requested donation is $180 for Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur and $300 for both Holidays. 

Children 18 and under do not require separate tickets.   
Member Seat Reservations
Membership Seats
Select the # of Adult Member Seats requested (age 18+)
   Indicate how many Rosh Hashanah seats are needed for members of your household
   Indicate how many Yom Kippur seats are needed for members of your household
Thank you for this donation in addition to your membership!
Guest and Non-member Seat Reservations

(Associate Membership does not include High Holiday seats, if you are an Associate member and wish to attend the High Holidays at Ohev Sholom, please complete this section)
   Guests & Non-Members - Rosh Hashanah AND Yom Kippur seats ($300/ea)
   Guests & Non-Members - Rosh Hashanah ONLY seats ($180/ea)
   Guests & Non-Members - Yom Kippur ONLY seats ($180/ea)  Please select # of people attending
Thank you for this donation in addition to your purchase of High Holiday seats!
For questions or concerns with the above tickets including financial constraints, please email David Paris.  We encourage attendance at High Holiday services, and financial considerations should not be a barrier preventing anyone from joining us. 
For Guests and Non-members please fill out this section:


High Holiday Appeal Donation



All donations are always appreciated and getting them in early helps our planning for the year. 
Contact Information

High Holiday Appeal Donation
The Ohev Board and professional leadership has been moved by the response to our revamped membership structure.  We are grateful for the shul community's receptiveness to using their philanthropic dollars for the good of our community.  If you are able, we'd be grateful if you helped us keep this momentum going, working collectively to reach our High Holiday appeal goal of $50,000.  Your tzedakah helps create the vibrant High Holiday experience we are all looking forward to sharing.


High Holiday Volunteer Form


Please submit your High Holiday Volunteer information as soon as possible
Contact Information

Our security depends upon community members to serve as “greeters.” Volunteers are a critical complement to the hired armed security guards employed for most gatherings. In this new year, please consider being trained and serving in this essential role.

High Holiday Lulav & Etrog Order Form


The Lulav & Etrog order must be submitted by September 21st 

This year Ohev Sholom will be purchasing the Lulav & Etrog sets from a new supplier. We will be getting upgraded Etrog and Deri Lulavim sourced from Israel (not from Egypt, as in the past). 
Contact Information

Please use this form to order lulav & etrog sets. Pick up will take place inside the shul as follows:

Wednesday 9/27: 10 AM - 5 PM
Thursday 9/28: 10 AM - 5 PM
Friday, 9/29: 10 AM - 4 PM

Your Lulav sets can be retrieved during office hours and services.There will be signage with instructions.

   Lulav & Etrog Set(s) $60 eachOnly for members*
   Lulav & Etrog Set(s) $85 eachNon-members, Guests & Associate Members*


Food Ordering 


Order by Sept. 8th at 12pm to pick-up at Ohev Sholom on Friday, Sept. 15th from 11:00am - 2pm

Sunflower is featuring holiday favorites, delicious new desserts and round challah (traditional, almond, raisin and honey whole wheat) to usher in the New Year. Holiday ordering opens Aug. 22nd with menu items available starting Aug. 28th

Click here to see Sunflower’s Rosh Hashanah menu.

Questions? Contact Sunflower at, 240.361.3698.


Orders must be in by September 7, 2023

Friday 15th | 2 - 2:30pm (Ohev parking lot)
 here to see Signature Rosh Hashanah menu.

Questions? Contact Signature at 301-946-6500.

Mon, September 25 2023 10 Tishrei 5784