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On Tuesday, April 6, Rabbi Herzfeld and Maharat Friedman presented on OSTNS's new initiative - a community Kollel. A recording of the session is shown here.

On 1 Iyyar, 5781 (April 13, 2021) the daf yomi cycle will begin tractate Yoma.  This is an especially significant moment for our community because it marks the completion of our own daf yomi cycle, which we began with tractate Yoma in 2013. We have now studied the entire Talmud together!
Over the past 7.5 years our daf yomi classes have grown. As we near the completion of tractate Pesachim we now offer a daf yomi class twice a day, and average over 15 attendees at each.
The daf yomi represents a serious commitment to spiritual growth that we now want to take to the next level. The core group of people that are committed to the daf yomi is inspiring and signals that we can push our community to even greater spiritual heights by expanding our level of commitment over the next 7.5 years.
It is our hope to attract more people to make a serious commitment to increase their spirituality and service of Hashem.
As such, we are excited to announce our new Community Kollel to begin on 1 Iyyar, 5781.
Our Kollel will include a committed group of people who will take upon themselves the following:

  1. Daily attendance at one of our daf yomi classes
  2. Attendance at a newly formed once a week halacha class which over 7.5 years will cover the major areas of Jewish law. At the end of each topic there will be exams covering the topic. (Class to be taught by Dr. Saul Weinreb.)
  3. Commitment to attend a once-a-month class in the area of Jewish thought (Overseen by Maharat Ruth Friedman.)
  4. Commitment to daily attendance at minyan.
  5. Commitment to living a life consistent with Orthodox interpretation of halacha.
  6. Commitment to regular exercise* as an important part of spiritual growth.
  7. Commitment to make a Torah presentation to the Kollel once a year.

*As it relates to exercise the Kollel will be flexible and accommodating to reflect each individual’s needs and capabilities

If someone completely commits to this program and passes the halacha exams then after 7.5 years in the program, Rabbi Herzfeld will grant them semicha.

For more information, please email Rabbi Herzfeld or Maharat Friedman.

Teachers & Schedule
Classes will be taught by Rabbi Herzfeld and Maharat Friedman, as well as Dr. Saul Weinreb, expert in Halacha. 
All Kollel activities will be open to everyone, and all classes (with the exception of Shabbat) will be on Zoom.

Class Schedule (Beginning 1 Iyyar, 5781 / April 13, 2021)

  Daf Yomi with Rabbi Herzfeld Halacha Class with Dr. Weinreb Tuesday Night Beit Midrash with Rabbi Herzfeld
Monday 7:00 AM & 30 min after Mincha/Maariv -- --
Tuesday 7:00 AM & 30 min after Mincha/Maariv -- 8:00 PM
Wednesday 7:00 AM & 30 min after Mincha/Maariv 8:00 PM* --
Thursday 7:00 AM & 30 min after Mincha/Maariv -- --
Friday 7:00 AM & 12:00 PM -- --
Saturday 45 minutes before Mincha -- --
Sunday 9:00 AM & 30 min after Mincha/Maariv -- --

*Monthly Jewish thought with Maharat Friedman will meet on once a month on Wednesdays beginning 4/28, and every 4th Wednesday in the time slot of Dr. Weinreb's class.

Zoom Links
Rabbi Herzfeld's Classes:
Dr. Saul Weinreb's Classes:
Maharat Friedman's Classes:


Google Drive
Please click here to access our Google Drive folder which contains notes and study guides.

Fri, January 28 2022 26 Shevat 5782