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A Note About Shabbos & Tisha B'Av

Tisha B’av begins on Saturday night, August 10th. There are a few points of information about how Tisha B’av preparation is different on Shabbat:

Mincha will begin earlier than usual on Shabbat afternoon so that we have time to go home and eat a proper meal to prepare for the fast.

  1. One should not adhere to the laws governing the final meal before the fast, so we do not need to eat the customary egg.
  2. One may also eat meat for this meal. 
  3. On Shabbat afternoon we must finish eating before shkiah (sunset), which is at 8:10pm.
  4. One may not prepare on Shabbat for Tisha B’av. 
  5. Shabbat ends at 8:52 pm. Maariv on Saturday night is at 9:00 pm. 
  6. One should either bring their non-leather shoes to Shul on Friday afternoon and leave the shoes in Shul over Shabbat or else change into one's shoes after 8:52 pm. 
  7. Havdalah: We do not recite a full havdalah because it is forbidden to drink the wine. We will make havdalah at shul over a candle before reading Eicha. If one is driving to shul after shabbat ends then first recite “baruch ha mavdil ben kodesh l’chol” to mark the end of Shabbat. If you are making havdalah at home then do havdalah only with a candle - we do not recite the blessings for the wine or the spices.

Tisha B'Av  Schedule

Saturday, August 10th

Time Activity Location
5:00 PM Daf Yomi Library
6:00 PM Mincha Chapel
8:10 PM Finish eating before the Fast begins  
8:52 PM Shabbat Ends  
9:00 PM Ma'ariv Chapel
9:15 PM Eicha reading from parchment with Yoni Friedman  
10:00 PM Eicha reading by men and women for men and women  


Sunday, August 11th

Time Activity Location
8:30 AM Shacharit & Kinnot  
10:15 AM

4D Immersive Tisha B’av experience with Sarah and Tyler Herman
 (We will experience a story of the Talmud using skills learned from the world of theatre)

11:30 AM Depart for Ohev Cemetery for Communal Shaimos Burying.
There is a custom to bury shaimos materials on Tisha B’av. We will hold a communal burying at the Ohev Sholom Cemetery (group transportation will NOT be provided). If you can't make it on Tisha B'av day, you can drop off materials at Ohev in advance anytime before August 11. Please follow the guidelines on what materials are considered shaimos found here.
2:00 PM

Beltway Vaad Tisha B'Av Program:
Rabbinic Responses to Tragedy

Kehilat Pardes - The Rock Creek Synagogue
6:30 PM Screening of “The Homeless Chorus Speaks:
A Film by Susan Polis Schutz”
7:40 PM Mincha Chapel
8:15 PM Talk from Eric Falquero, Editor-in-Chief of StreetSenseMedia, on “Homelessness in DC.” Eric will also be joined by a Street Sense vendor to share their experience.  
~8:40PM   Ma'ariv followed by a light break fast  
8:51 PM Fast Ends  
Mon, February 24 2020 29 Shevat 5780