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Spiritual Mission to Ukraine
To Preserve Jewish Memory and Raise Awareness about Our Holy Ancestors

Ukraine's once large and varied Jewish community has left an indelible mark on the history of the Jewish people. From Kyiv to Uman, Chernivtsi to Brody, Medzhibizh to Berdichev, Ukraine's very topography holds resonance for the Jewish soul. 

This is the land of holy Rabbis Baal Shem Tov and Zusha of Hanipol (the ancestor of Rabbi Herzfeld); Ze'ev Zhabotinsky and Hayim Nachman Bialik; David Oistrach and Isaac Babel; Sholom Aleichem and Golda Meir. 

Ukraine is also a place where 1.5 million Jews were murdered in the pits of the Holocaust by the Bullets, making it second only to Poland in the number of Jews annihilated in the Shoah. 

Today, much of the physical evidence of this once storied Jewish community is rapidly disappearing. In Kyiv, Babi Yar, one of the first horrific events of the Holocaust, has yet to see a significant memorial built to commemorate its Jewish victims. In Western Ukraine, which is peppered with Jewish mass graves, a few local activists (many of them non-Jewish) are struggling to preserve Jewish memory, including remnants of ancient Jewish cemeteries, and to prevent desecrations. Many are desperate to connect with Jewish communities abroad for guidance and support. 

Ohev Sholom is organizing a trip in the summer of 2018 to visit some of the
most important Jewish sites in Ukraine, to connect with local memory keepers, and contribute to the preservation of Jewish heritage in Ukraine. The trip is open to all.

Here is an article describing the work of two of the activists who we'll be meeting on the trip.

Browse the beautiful photos of the disappearing traces of Jewish life in Ukraine on this blog.



$1,500 per person with a $500 non-refundable deposit by March 1
$1,800 After March 1

Includes: land transportation, hotels, 3 kosher meals a day  

Guided by Izabella Tabarovsky, Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld and local guides.


For logistical details, speak to Avril Weisman
For content, speak to Izabella Tabarovsky

Sat, July 24 2021 15 Av 5781