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Wednesday, July 25

  • Depart DC for Kyiv

Thursday, July 26

  • Arrive in Kyiv 
  • Check into hotel and tour some Jewish sites, including the former Jewish district of Podil, the Great Choral and Brodsky Synagogues, Golda Meir’s house and Museum of Sholom Aleichem

Friday-Saturday, July 27-28
(Candle lighting 8:49 pm, Shabbat ends 10:07 pm)

  • Tour Babi Yar, recite memorial prayers for the martyred 
  • Travel to Rivne for Shabbat 
  • On the way to Rivne, visit the synagogue of Reb Zushe of Hannopil and the synagogue of the Maggid of Meziritch in Hannopil 
  • Shabbat day: a walking tour of Jewish Rivne

Sunday, July 29

  • Pay respects at the Shoah site on the outskirts of Rivne, where 21,000 Jews were executed on November 7-8, 1941
  • Travel to historic town of Ostroh 
  • Say prayers at the graves of the great Shmuel Eliezer Ha-Levi Edels (Maharsha) and Rabbi Yakov-Yosef of Ostroh (Besht’s student). 
  • See 17th century Great Maharsha Synagogue that is being restored
  • Visit historic Jewish cemetery.
  • Visit and say prayers at one of the town’s Holocaust mass murder sites 
  • Continue to Brody, a city of prominent Jewish mystics and scholars, center of Galician Haskala, and Zionism, and home of the Austrian Jewish writer Joseph Roth. 
  • Arrive at Lviv. 

Monday-Tuesday, July 30-31 

  • Tour Lviv, the capital of Eastern Galicia
  • Meet with activists who are working to restore dignity to the Jewish heritage here. 
  • Visit the Space of Synagogues Memorial at the site of the ancient Golden Rose Synagogue that was destroyed by the Nazis
  • Visit Rohatyn, where two American activists are restoring the town’s rich Jewish heritage and taking care of the cemeteries (view itinerary here)

Wed, Aug 1  

  • Drive back to Kyiv
  • Visit the city of Medzhibizh and the tomb and the synagogue of the great Rabbi Baal Shem Tov.  
  • Meet with the director of the local Jewish Museum and see some of the unique artefacts he has preserved.   
  • Time permitting, stop by Berdichev, home of the of the great R. Levi Yitzchak of Berdichev
  • Arrive in Kyiv. Overnight here. 

Thursday August 2

  • Departure with an early morning flight.
Thu, December 2 2021 28 Kislev 5782